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Pressure accumulator stations

Why choose a WatMan water treatment solution?

1. We will solve your water problem with our solid expertise. Our service extends beyond the mere equipment; we provide comprehensive solutions that meet your specific requirements. Even today, the WatMan water treatment solutions produce the cleanest and freshest water for thousands of satisfied customers.

2. We are the largest water equipment supplier for small-scale households in Finland. We are also the largest supplier of filter tanks in the Nordic countries. Our affiliate company WatMan Engineering is the leading manufacturer of large-scale water treatment equipment and they are the original developer of chemical-free catalyst filters (our Fe product line) in Finland.

3. We are true experts in water treatment. We have accumulated extensive education and training, expertise and prior experience in water treatment.

4. Our equipment has been subjected to extensive testing even at the most demanding sites involving radon, uranium or arsenic contents, for example. These tests have been carried out in cooperation with the Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority and the Finnish Environment Institute.

5. We are prepared to secure the functionality of your choice of equipment in our own laboratory.

6. Our equipment is firm and long-lived. They also endure use with continuous maximum pressure. Our tanks meet the requirements laid down by the EU directives and they are manufactured either of stainless steel or fibreglass.

7. Opting for WatMan water treatment equipment means that you care about the well-being of your close ones. These easy-care and durable equipment truly deliver.

8. Our equipment comes with extensive guarantees and we are happy to provide assistance in any questions you may have concerning the use of our equipment.

9. We supply equipment both for low-scale cottage use and high-consumption manor houses – and anything in between. Our affiliate company WatMan Engineering also supplies larger-scale water treatment solutions for municipalities and industry.

10. We feel personal responsibility over each and every one of our customers. A satisfied customer is our best reward and reference.




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