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WatMan water filters for household water

Immaculate household and drinking water has to meet four requirements:
1) The water must not cause health hazards. 2) The water must be colourless, odourless and tasteless. 3) The water must not cause technical problems such as sediments, colorisation or corrosion. 4) The water has to be reasonably priced. Wells with impeccable water quality are unfortunately rare. The most common reasons for poor water quality can be found in the soil and bedrock or deficiencies in the structure of the well. At its best, the quality of municipal tap water is good. Using municipal water and joining the network is expensive, however, and sometimes even impossible compared to using your own well water. Most property-specific wells can be repaired and equipped with filters that meet the requirements of impeccable household water.

Our selection includes different types of filters from the small cartridge-shaped ones to large municipal open filters. For example, the removal of iron and manganese in a detached house can be implemented with cartridge filters, hand-operated pressure filters or fully automated pressure filters – normally without chemicals or mass replacement. The price range of the machines has been kept reasonable to allow for optimal solutions even for summer cottage use without compromising the cleaning results.


Acquiring a WatMan water filter

Before buying the machinery, find out the following:

  • What will be cleaned and why
  • Does the quality of the treatable water vary
  • Space requirements and installation site
  • Required machine output
  • Required accessories and other installation requirements
  • Water analysis form

What you should demand from the machine

  •  Good cleaning results and adequate power
  • Correct price-quality-properties ratio
  • Easy installation
  •  Easy use, preferably automatic
  •  Explicit and affordable operation costs
  • Extensive guarantee coverage and the right to exchange/refund the product

It is this easy

  • Request a WatMan water analysis package (HPAC no. 3614200) from your nearest HPAC professional. Follow the given instructions and you will receive an offer on suited filter machinery.
  • Follow the given instructions and you will receive an offer on suited filter machinery.
     In case you are unable to find a WatMan water analysis package from your retailer, you can order one from our online store. You can also order further analyses from us, including humus, arsenic, fluoride, chloride, colour, cloudiness detection kits etc.
  •  In cases that concern compounds that are dangerous or hazardous to health (arsenic, bacteria, fluoride, radon, uranium), please contact your local water and environment laboratory or a health inspector. Request an extensive or expanded household water study which determines iron, manganese, pH, KMnO4, hardness and conductivity levels in addition to the previously mentioned harmful agents.
  • Send us a copy of the received results and you will receive an offer for suitable filtration machinery in return
  • Explore our website for further information on sampling (water analysis form). Also, try out our automated offer calculation programme which helps you weigh the correct filter type and its price.
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