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Choosing a water filter

Water quality, equipment and measurements

See General brochure - water quality, equipment and measurements (PDF:1,800 kt)

Good-quality household and drinking water is one of the most important requirements for a good quality of life.  All water has to be nice and fresh. Oy WatMan Ab Vedenkäsittely focuses on supplying equipment to improve the quality of water. A household water filter may be your second most important acquisition. In dispersed settlement areas, the most important acquisition is the water pump, supplied by our parent company Pumppulohja Corporation. We both operate under the same roof in Saukkola, near Lohja in Finland.
We are able to meet even demanding requirements for a reliable equipment supplier. We will help you choose the right WatMan filter for your household. All our products come with an extensive guarantee.

Water quality
To determine the right filter type, we must know the origin and quality of the filtered water. This can be done by commissioning a household water analysis from a water laboratory or with our water analysis and test filtration.

Operating principles of our equipment

The operation of our Fe series filters is based on natural filtration, in which the water is oxidised with water pressure from a pressure tank. The Fe filtration series preserves the freshness of water and even improves it, as oxygen is used in the filtration process instead of chemicals.
Filtered water retains its coolness as the water capacity is small, and the filtration does not have to be enhanced with a water heating pump.

The operation of the IX series is based on ion exchange, and it enables the removal of lime, iron, manganese, humus and uranium. The hardness of the water is determined by the calcium and magnesium sulfates dissolved in the water. Problems caused by hard water can be prevented permanently by installing a water softener filter IX to the waterline. Humus-induced nuisances can be prevented by installing a humus and iron filter IX HK to the waterline.
The filtered water becomes soft and it no longer clogs the water equipment. In addition to hardness, the equipment can be used to remove dissolved iron and manganese. The same equipment also enables uranium removal.

With the MLF series machinery, several types of impurities can be removed. The filler substances of the filter are chosen based on the kinds of impurities to be removed.

The RO series machinery removes salt, chloride, arsenic, fluoride, uranium and nitrates, to name a few. In the Finnish conditions, salt is found abundantly in coastal areas, in particular. Excess salt is harmful to health and it rusts water equipment as well as shortens their working life.
Nitrate is found especially in agricultural areas and wells next to fields; the largest source of nitrates is, in fact, agriculture and fertilizers. The negative effects of both nitrate and fluoride are greatest to children, but adults should also avoid these compounds.


Osmosis is a natural phenomenon. If two liquid solutions, one salty and one saltless, are separated from each other with a semipermeable membrane, the saltless solution strives to dilute the salty solution until the salt content is even on both sides of the membrane. A pressure difference, i.e. osmotic pressure, is formed between the solutions. For water cleaning purposes, this phenomenon should be reversed. The rejection takes away over 90% of the impurities in raw water.
The equipment is installed either in the technical facility of the household or a sink cabinet. The capacity of smaller machinery is around ten litres a day, which is sufficient for covering all cooking and drinking water. The smallest of the machines is equipped with its own tap. The largest ones are typically equipped with a clean water storage tank and a separate pressure accumulator.


The RnAI series aeration equipment is suitable for the removal of radon, hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide. Overall, radon (including that occurring in indoor air) causes approximately 200 cases of lung cancer annually.
Being a gaseous substance, radon can be easily removed through effective aeration. Air that contains radon is directed outdoors in a controlled manner with a fan. A radon aerator is installed right after the bore well pump. According to unbiased studies, over 99% of radon can be removed. Because the machinery removes radon and its degraded products from the water system, it does not form a secondary radiation source itself. Uranium can be removed with a WatMan IXHK series filter.

The RnH and RnAH series machines make another suitable option for radon removal. The RnAH model is equipped with counter-current washing automation. The activated carbon is especially well suited for removing small or medium-sized (< 5,000 Bq/l) radon deposits. In the automated models, the RnAH mass can be rinsed to remove sedimented impurities, such as rust.
The machines of the C series, the FeAC series and some of the MLF machinery are suitable for water alkalisation, i.e. raising the pH levels of water. In the worst case scenario, the corrosion of copper and other metal tubes leads to significant water-induced damages. It is recommended that the cause is determined with a chemical analysis and immediate action is taken. The machinery of the C series leads the water through alkalised limestone-like mass. Aggressive free carbonic acid is neutralised, the pH and hardness levels of water rise and the corrosion stops. The investment itself is small; at its lowest, a few hundred euros. Considering the entire lifetime, this may mean as little as 10–15 euros per year. The machine is installed before the pressure tank.


Machine size and installation

Water consumption in a detached house is typically less than 20 l/min. The smallest WatMan filters are adequate for cleaning the water of one or even two households. WatMan filters can be installed in any space as long as the space does not freeze and it features a sewer. The RnH series activated carbon filters must not be assembled closer than 3–5 meters away from living space.
Choose the correct filter size
We will help you choose the correct filter size.
We always grant extensive guarantees to our products. Therefore, we hope to make the machinery choice together with you.

Tank materials

Our filtration machinery tanks come in several different materials. The Fe series machinery is available with either plastic or stainless tanks. the IX series machinery is supplied with plastic tanks. The material of the RnAI aeration machines is food contact approved PE plastic.

User friendliness

The model of the hand-operated WatMan filters is FeM. For sites in which water use is continuous, we usually recommend automatic FeA or IX series machineries. Their easy of operation has been maximised and their normal maintenance takes about 30 minutes twice a year.
Automated machines are a superior choice when it comes to user friendliness.


Fe series filters do not require any chemicals, but the mass part wears in use and has to be replaced every now and then. These chemical-free machines have gained great popularity due to their easy care.
The IX series ion exchange-based filters can be revived automatically with table salt (NaCI). We recommend IX series machines when water rich in humus needs to be filtered into high-quality domestic water.

Filter expenses

We have managed to keep the acquisition price of WatMan filters affordable despite its high-quality properties. For each and every use, there is a suitable filter available at the right price.


WatMan grants a quality guarantee for filtered water according to Decisions 401/2001 and 461/2001 by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. An additional 1–3-year mechanical guarantee is also granted and the right to refund naturally applies as stipulated in the consumer protection law.


Basic machines are delivered straight from our warehouse to your door or to an HPAC store of your choice. Filters are shipped anywhere in Finland within a few days. Our deliveries always include clear instructions.


We are an affiliate company of Pumplohja Corporation. For decades, Pumplohja has been one of the main pressure tank and household pump manufacturers in Northern Europe. We have supplied nearly 10,000 filter machines for households, schools, farms, municipalities, cities and industry.
According to an unbiased satisfaction survey, clearly over 90% of our customers were either satisfied or highly satisfied with our services and products. (Häme University of Applied Sciences, TkL Lehtonen, 1998)
We have skilled employees, our own laboratory and wet test facilities. In case of any problems, we never leave our customers alone.
We always do our best to resolve any problems. Our own laboratory and test facilities  are a major advantage in these issues.


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