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High quality for heavy-duty use

Pumppulohja’s open well pumps are high-quality submersible pumps designed for heavy use. These pumps are suitable from cottage to agriculture use.

The Lohja 10 series is available both as one-phase and three-phase model. Lohja S 10/1 aut is equipped with a float that works as dry run protection. Lohja S 15 pump is a very powerful pump that is suitable for heavier use and it is available as a three-phase model.
Lohja S4 block pumps and Lohja S4/4 pumps are suited for both ring wells and shallow bore wells. All pumps come with an Aqua cable.
Saukko pumps have served Finns for over 20 years.


LOHJA S10 3 SAUKKO pumppu