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Pumppulohja's ISKU-Jet pumps are the cream of the Jet pumps. Their structure is designed to be strong, with improved corrosion tolerance and optimized suction power.

The pumps are small in size, but their good output surprises even the most demanding customer.
ISKU-Jet 2 R is a water dispenser with dry run protection but without a pressure tank. It is meant for use in places where water use is irregular. It is an especially good choice for pumping lake water because the pressure switch turns the pump on as the tap opens. This way you will get fresh water as soon as possible.
ISKU-Jet 2 RS is a water dispenser with dry run protection. It is a cheaper water maintenance option for summer cottage or garden use, for example.


ISKU-Jet 1 R pumppu


When using ISKU-Jet 2 R and ISKU-Jet 2 RS water dispensers in lakes, it is recommended to use WatMan lake water filter as an attachment.
ISKU-Jet complete units are complete ready-built pressure water machines. The complete unit includes an ISKU-Jet pump and a stainless 25 l or 50 l diaphragm tank.
ISKU-Jet 1/25 and ISKU-Jet 150 R complete units are designed for normal detached house use for sucking water from a ring well.
ISKU-Jet 350 R complete unit is a choice for a bigger family household water supply.





The effect of the suction distance in relation to the maximum allowed suction depth. The minimum size of the suction tube for ISKU-Jet 1 R pump, 2 R and 2 RS water dispensers and 1/25 and 150 R complete units is 32 mm. The minimum suction tube size for ISKU-Jet 3 R pumps and 350 R units is 40 mm. Check the correct size of the suction tube during installation from the manual.  

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