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Drainage pumps

Pumppulohja sells a wide variety of drainage pumps. Most smaller pumps for domestic use feature a so called semi-open impeller. The pumps are either plastic or stainless. Our selection also includes pumps with a built-in float.

Pedrollon TOP, RX and Pumpex GA 200 model series are suitable for domestic use. The pumps for agricultural use are usually equipped with a Vortex impeller which have a minimum of 20 mm penetration rate. You can also obtain a model with a semi-impeller in which the diffusor is coated with vulcanized rubber.

Pumps from the Pedrolle VX series and Pumpex SPS series are suitable for agricultural use, for example. For industrial, mine and machine rental agencies, we recommend Grindex drainage pumps. Grindex´s pumps are made for professional use in tough applications like mines, tunnel sites or other demanding industries.

Pumppulohja represents Grindex and Pumpex drainage pumps for the mining industry,  machine rental agencies and wholesale dealers in Finland.

We also repair and sell spare parts for Pumpex and Grindex pumps.





GRINDEX MINEX LITE tyhjennyspumppuGRINDEX MINEX LITE Drainage pump

PUMPEX P 801 WA tyhjennyspumppuPUMPEX P 801 WA Drainage pump
Pedrollo RXM2 20 VORTEX A tyhjennyspumppu

Pedrollo RXM2 20 VORTEX A Drainage pump