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Bore well protective caps

Rubber with metal enforcing. Loop for attaching safety wire. Prevents the surface water, trash and small animals from contaminating the well. Comes with stainless tube tighteners. Diameter sizes for wells 125 mm/140 mm and 169 mm/195 mm.


Adapters R 1” and R 1 1⁄4”

Made of brass. Slider connector helps bore well pump installation and maintenance. Often used with an aluminium bore well protective cap.


Aluminium protective caps for bore wells.

Prevents the surface water, trash and small animals from contaminating the well. Hole for electric cables. Often used with adapter installation.


Beulco connectors

Brass connector for plastic tubes for demanding use. Sizes R 1” - 1 1⁄4” with inner and outer threads. Corner connector with an elbow connector and a lengthening connector also available.


Metal-reinforced tubes

RST heads with R 1” or R 1 1⁄4” thread. Max. pressure 10 bar and max. temperature 50°C. Standard lengths 0,8 m (straight) and 0,4 m and 0,8 m (with a corner).

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Motor protection and reel protection switches

Protects the electric motor of the pump from undervoltage, phase failures and overload. Reel protection switch has to be used with dry run protection.


Membrane package

50 l and 120 l/4-10 bar for diaphragm tanks. Comes with O-ring. Watch installation video on our website at www.pumppulohja.fi.


Suction hoses

Ready-made easy-to-use suction hose with a sea valve.



With connectors, the pressure regulator can be detached from the pipeline for cleaning, for example, without detaching the electric wires.



Pressure regulator 1-v

Turns the pump on when pressure drops below 2 bars and turns it off as it runs against a closed valve. Pressure regulator protects the pump from dry idle running by turning it off as the pressure drops below 0.5 bars.


Liquid-attenuated pressure indicator

Attach to the network from the lower edge. Stainless steel pressure indicator for measuring network pressure.

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