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Booster stations

Pumplohja's booster stations are used in demanding water pressure accumulating processes in real estates, water works and industry.
The WLK booster stations are machineries with two pre-tested pumps in which all the most critical components have been doubled to ensure reliability. Pumplohja's WLK control centre is user-friendly and it supports 400 V to 480 V voltage.
The machinery features two pressure transmitters and one current switch.




  • Automatic alternation between pumps
  • General alarm in the event of disturbance
  • Critical components have been doubled
  • Maintenance switch included in standard assembly
  • Pipe system, valves and stand made of stainless steel.


Standard models in store:

  • WLK 8-6 (output with one pump at optimal operating efficiency is 8 m3/h, max. pressure increase 6 bar)
  • WLK 8-8 (output with one pump at optimal operating efficiency is 8 m3/h, max. pressure increase 8 bar)
  • WLK 16-6 (output with one pump at optimal operating efficiency is 16 m3/h, max. pressure increase 6 bar)

A second pump turns on as necessary.


Other models upon request.

  • KRT booster pumps.
  • KRT booster pump is factory-assembled and readily parametrized and test run.
  • In addition to the pump, KRT includes a KRT control centre, a pressure transmitter, a current switch and a pressure indicator.


Standard models:

  • Pyke 8 KRT
  • Pyke VS 8-8 KRT
  • Other models upon request.

Booster stations (FI)

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