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Get your pump from a specialist. We have accumulated decades of experience with water pumps.

Built to last

We know exactly what pumps have to endure in the Finnish weather conditions. In case your pump encounters a failure of any kind, we are close by and ready to repair it with solid expertise and efficiency.
The pumps of Pumppulohja are long-lasting and energy efficient. Our pumps suit both household and industrial use.
The history of Pumppulohja dates back to the 1950s. Over the course of these decades, we have manufactured hundreds of thousands of pumps precisely for the demanding Northern conditions. So we truly know what we are talking about.

Our own maintenance service to the rescue!

Pump development is something we take pride in and do constantly – always on our customers terms. Durability and sustainability are important values for us.
Our pump product range is extensive. Water has to flow smoothly even to the top floor of a very high building.
We make changes to the booster stations upon customer request. The customer is the king to us - we want to be a reliable cooperation partner and offer service quickly.
All our products have the necessary official certificates but our own protocols demand even tighter control. We test each and every one of our pumps before delivery. This way we can ensure that each pump we manufacture is of high quality.


In addition our own manufacture, we represent the following brands:







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