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PUMPEX Dewatering Pumps for Professionals

PUMPEX, founded in 1968, is one the world’s leading manufacturers of submersible pumps, and has an installed base of more than 75.000 pumps in over 70 countries. High reliability combined with excellent serviceability results in pumps with unrivalled operating economy.
Construction and mining applications, as well as industrial, municipal and agricultural needs, have influenced the Swedish engineers in the development, design and production of PUMPEX professional dewatering pumps. Maintained efficiency is a key factor to operating economy, which is why PUMPEX pumps use high-efficiency motors and hydraulics.
Pumpex offers a wide range of Submersible Drainage and Sludge pumps, from 0,3 to 55 kW, for professional applications.

Pumpex has taken the Submersible Pumps into the high technology era by introducing its new series of heavy duty Dewatering and Sludge pumps – the SUPER DRAINER.
Pumpex NEW SUPER DRAINER offers lots of new technology for the toughest dewatering applications

The NEW SUPER DRAINER Pumps are more:
S afe – auto protection against high-temperature, over-load, incorrect power,
U ser friendly – auto rotation correction, built-in starter, easy service check via PC,
P owerful – high efficiency hydraulics, maintained performance over time,
E conomic – high efficiency motors IEC2, auto start-stop, easy maintenance at site and
R eliable – extreme wear resistance, double sealed shaft and cables, high service factor.
Pumpex SUPER DRAINER ranges from 2, 5 to 8, 3 kW and consists of 4 basic models of Drainage Pumps, series PS, in 16 versions and 4 model of Sludge Pumps, series SPS, in 8 versions.

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