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Diaphragm tanks

The benefit of our popular KPSV diaphragm tank selection is their high-quality structure that fits even in small places without compromising the features of a big tank.
Its capacity is up to three times compared to a traditional pressure tank. In our standard selection, a tank of 25 litres usually covers the usage rate at a summer cottage, whereas a 50 l tank suits domestic use and a 120 l tank heavier use. For industry use, we can deliver tanks in requested sizes, such as a 750 l Maxi tank equipped with a floating valve. The tanks can be equipped with an electronic controlling system, making them complete KPSV units.
Our product range includes diaphragm tanks equipped with rubber membranes, rubber bags and float valves, with capacity from 25 litres up. The production materials are stainless steel, acid-resistant steel and fiber glass.

Our products fit perfectly for drinking water use, as the material is stainless and the rubber membrane has been approved for food contact. The tank structure can be opened, so maintenance, cleaning and membrane replacement is easy when necessary. Checking the air pressure and increasing it as needed is as all the basic seasonal maintenance needed.

Painesäiliö (FI)

Vesiöosa (FI)

Checking and adjusting the pre-pressure of the membrane pressure vessel:





LOHJA KPSV 120 l 10 bar EN 1.4404 haponkestävä kalvopainesäiliö

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