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For demanding water treatment

In collaboration with our affiliate companies WatMan Engineering Ltd Oy and Gävle Tryckkärl och Vatten Ab, our company is one of the leading suppliers of water treatment machines in the Nordic countries. We design, manufacture and deliver high-quality and advanced water treatment products with professional advisory service, laboratory service and maintenance services.

Our goal is to be the best and the most reliable supplier of both the products and services. Inspecta Tarkastus Oy certifies our products and machineries. We manufacture pressure tanks according to PED 97/23/EC as well as different rating agency requirements (LR, BV, DNV, etc.). We operate according to the ISO 9001 quality system and the ISO 14001 environmental system. Our welding system is certified according to EN 3834-2.

Some of Pumppulohja's most significant clients from the manufacturing industry are Metso, STX-Europe (Aker Yards), Outokumpu, Fortum, Wärtsilä Finland, Tamrotor, Sarlin Hydor and Heider GmbH.

Pumppulohja's manufacture is closely associated with other services, such as assisting the client in own pressure tank design process and helping them get the required structural plans approved. The basic idea of our operations is to solve different issues related to liquid transportation, storage and pressure boosting.
WatMan Engineering Lahti handles our extensive water treatment projects.




We operate in the following fields:
•     Metal industry
•     Surface treatment industry
•     Electronics industry
•     Micro electronics industry
•     Mining industry
•     Food industry
•     Cafés, restaurants etc.
•     Power plants
•     Gardens
•     Other industrial-scale users of water and steam, such as dry cleaners
•     Municipalities and cities
•     Research centres and laboratories
•     Hospitals
•     Water co-operatives

And in many others!

Our water treatment and clean water production deliveries have included:

•     Pumping and booster stations
•     Heat exchangers
•     Special tanks
•     Neutralizing systems
•     Chemical stations
•    Flocculation systems
•     Selective ion exchangers
•     Sand filters
•     Solids filters
•     Alkaline filters
•     Catalyst filters
•     Water softeners
•     Hummus filters
•     Activated carbon filters
•     Membrane filtration devices, RO
•     UV radiators


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