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Clean water means health

Choosing the correct water pressure system in a property is a key issue.

The selection of a pump and/or a pressure tank is influenced by the type of the well, the amount of water needed, distances from the well to the property and height differences.

Our selection ranges from small water dispensers to powerful submersible pumps.



Another important thing is the quality of water. Good drinking water does not smell or taste and it is clear. It does not cause breakage in hydraulic equipment and it is not dangerous to health.

The most common quality problems are iron, manganese, low pH value or acidity and hummus that gets to the well with surface waters. Additional problems are caused by lime, radon, uranium, arsenic, fluoride, salt and bacteria.
One should ALWAYS get their wells examined. An extensive analysis every 5 years and a concise analysis every 3 years. Water analyses can be made easily with WatMan's water sample package or at a local water laboratory.
Information on the water quality, well type and the water use rates (detached house, farm, summer cottage etc.) is needed when choosing a water filter.



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